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June 18 2016


How To Add Storage Space To A Small Bathroom

A small bathroom can easily become a messy, disorganized room due to the lack of storage space. The sink area gets covered with soap and other hygiene products, towels overflow from over-stuffed cabinets, and bath products litter the edge of the tub. While enlarging a bathroom is a great way to get more space, it's often not an option, either due to the high cost or the limitations of the house's construction. If you have a small bathroom that needs organizing, try these small bathroom design ideas on a budget.

If you don't have a lot of square footage on the ground, maximize your vertical space with a floor-to-ceiling cabinet. You may need to store a small, fold-up step stool beside the cabinet or on a lower shelf, but having access to the space above your head can really give you a lot more storage space. With a custom-made cabinet, you can get a shallower cabinet that takes up even less floor space than a pre-made one.

Allen Baler

To get more use out of wall space, install floating shelves over the toilet or elsewhere for attractive storage of small items that might otherwise clutter the counter or sink. Use colored glass jars to store items like cotton balls or cotton swabs and place these on a shelf with perfume bottles or other cosmetic items. Floating shelves can also hold small hand and face towels. Sturdier shelves can hold decorative baskets that contain - and hide - larger items like cleaning products.

Keeping things hidden is a good way to keep a small bathroom renovation design looking neat. Stackable baskets keep a multitude of things handy but out of sight. Use them in cabinets and on shelves to minimize the appearance of clutter. Adding a curtain over a messy shelving unit is another strategy to hide mess.

Another idea for bathroom renovation for small bathrooms is to install a shallow cabinet behind a full-length mirror. The mirror is a functional item that will increase the feeling of space in the bathroom and effectively hide a storage cabinet. On narrow shelves, you can store cleaning products and supplies, bath products, and hygiene products.

Perth bathroom renovators recommend replacing a pedestal sink with a sink cabinet in order to take advantage of under-the-sink storage. In order to get full access to your low cabinet space, try installing sliding drawers inside the cabinets. Slide them all the way to easily reach the things stored way in the back.

Other simple and cost-effective bathroom renovation ideas include using a ladder for storing towels, using stackable bins inside a cabinet, and using a shower caddy to organize items under the sink. You may find that you don't really need a larger bathroom once you make full use of the space you have.

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